Not Sunk (Yet)

Aug 21st...wait what?

For my milliones de followers, I've taken a step away. In the past month I've been doing more learning, more sight seeing, and solidifying my knowledge in this crazy tech world. Next time I update this page, I'll probably change it entirely. Woot

July 26th

I'm going to have to rewrite this page from the things I've learned in the last couple days. For one, there's multiple h1s on this page. That's not well formed HTML.
Another thing I've learned today is this word: "abgefahren", which is German for "I like this, but I don't know how to use it yet."

July 22nd

My parents always warned me against sharing things online. It's a strange extension of myself to type these words once and have them replicated around the world at a moment's notice. But the things that have touched me most personally are not always persons and their stories, but the writings that they have put onto the Internet or have put into books. Sometimes they were never truly intended to be read..

July 18th

How do I create a blank space that you can click on and something new will happen?

July 16th

Today at work I began to be an IT jockey. Played around with a Cisco 891 router, some VSphere within a VM, downloading a couple onePK vms. Should be good.

Pre-July 12

I started this website today to give you a view into what I'm working on. The first step for me is to figure that out myself.